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The power of BROW

I truly believe that a good brow elevates any person’s look and makes us look like we have more money in our accounts!

Trust me on this one. It’s the way the brows frame our face and our expressions.

It’s the way our brows contribute to a groomed and polished appearance.

Our eyebrows are the exclamation point at the end of our every word.

When brows are good, they enlighten everyone who lays eyes on us. When brows are not so good, they can entice one to look away, question our thoughts and our ideas.

Why is that? Eyebrows are such a focal point for engagement. They communicate more than just shape. They also communicate our sense of well being, our personal style and heck, at many times, our own judgement.

Yes! This is laughable. But I KNOW you can relate!!

My own brows never served my face until I did something about them. Idk.. my natural brows were serving as well as unflattering teeth. They did not support my smile. My brows were too tiny, too low and waaayyy too coy for my big spirit and personality.

I was in junior high school when I made the choice to explore change. I’ll be honest, I stole my first pair of tweezers. I stole them from the small commissary store near the military housing my Mom lived in. They were Revlon tweezers. I didn’t want to steal, honestly. It’s just that I had an extremely strong desire that I needed them and I did not know exactly how to ask for them. I didn’t want the adults in my life to refuse me, tell me “no”. I didn’t want to hear about how much I didn’t need them, or explain why I wanted them. I truly needed to explore WHY I wanted them. At the time, it was more of a feeling than a confident certainty of what I would do with them. But, once I had that first pair, I hooked all of my friends up. I shaped everyone’s brows. I developed methodology, SPEED! Brows put the makeup brush in my hand because after I tweezed to shape, I needed more shape, height and body. I filled my brows in with eyeshadow and an angled brush and gained confidence in my appearance. I helped others to feel the same way I do. They landed me here. Balancing faces, opening studios, bringing JOY! I paid it forward. I now know for sure how to activate the Power of a great Brow.

What do you think when you see yourself wearing a well shaped brow? What do you think when you see other’s with what you consider a bad brow? Can you relate to how huge of a contributor eyebrows are to anyone’s face or expression? Have you had a makeup artist apply a beautiful brow shape on your face and you just hoped to keep it forever? Or, have you had too many hairs removed during a shaping that you just hoped to grow back like, yesterday? So much thought goes into this tiny detail. At Blackshere Beauty, I think we are more obsessed with your brows being great than possibly even you are yourself! It’s only because we understand the way a well placed brow can communicate wellness. I myself have had an interesting brow journey. Now that I have permanent brows (cosmetic tattooing) I have even more confidence because they do not wear off! Permanent brows have been nothing less than a gift that keeps on giving. My brows are well shaped forever! I hope you can relate to my passion about wearing a great brow!

Take a glance at my own brow woes. Because honestly, I might have to delete this one soon. Can’t have ya’ll out here judging me!

Just kidding.

Much Love,



Natural Brow

Brow with soft Nano strokes

Current Brow

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