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Would you like to learn how to satisfy all of your client’s desires to have amazing eyebrows?

You should take advantage of every opportunity to help your clients look and feel their best! I can teach you how to design, shape, laminate and tint your clientele’s eyebrows to perfection.

My name is Starr Blackshere. I am a makeup artist and founder of Blackshere Beauty Studio in Brooklyn, New York. I have serviced hundreds of clients and my artistry extends to a clientele that is of every age group and personal style. There are no limits to how you can transform and design a beautiful eyebrow for anyone who appreciates your artistry.

Now that I have experienced so many years of exploration, discovery and artistry development in my own career, I would love to extend my knowledge to the professional community of Makeup Artists, Cosmetologists and Aestheticians who would like to master the skill of creating beautiful eyebrows.

Please join me for my new Brow Finesse class! I will teach you my techniques as well as my approach to eyebrow shaping, eyebrow lamination and tinting services. Class will be conducted at the Blackshere Beauty studio in Brooklyn, New York. Thank you so much in advance for your openness to learn something new! I look forward to seeing you at Blackshere Beauty to teach you how to create beautiful eyebrow finesse!

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