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Healed Results

What you are looking for are healed results.

I’m talking about permanent makeup, PMU, cosmetic tattooing, or, as everyone likes to call it: microblading. I’ll be the first to admit I’m enamored by the amazing patterns and awe-inducing brow transformations I see on social media with permanent eyebrows. In my work I strive to learn all of these patterns, and at times I feel challenged by them, but now, more than ever, I question them.

These days, I find myself looking for more than exciting illusions of new brow hair growth. I want to know how the patterns and colors look when they heal! Why is healed work so important? These are the results you’ll be living with in the long term. With that in mind, when searching for a permanent brow artist, make sure to look for images of their healed work. This is how you’ll know if you actually like their artistry. Most artists will have these images available in their highlights on social media. Any artist who charges a solid amount for their permanent makeup services should be confident with the results you will rest with.

Once you are drawn to an artist’s work, what exactly should you be looking for? Here are some suggestions for you to keep in your beauty arsenal when researching an ideal artist to permanently place their artistry on your face. First, look for color. Do you like the way the color looks healed? Is it too ashy, or too blue? Does it look too red? It’s rarer to see brows that look too red, as the skin likes to heal the implanted color much cooler than when it was applied.

The second suggestion I have is for you to look for design. Do you like the healed design? For example, do the strokes look too heavy? Or too blurry? Does the power or ombre brow have too big of a shape? Or is it too square and boxy? Are the brows flying off the person’s face? Are they so asymmetrical that you question if your results will be symmetrical? Or conversely, is the work so symmetrical that the brow looks like a frozen tattoo or stamp? Consider all of these factors when you’re looking for a permanent makeup artist. This will allow you to align your expectations with what the artist can actually deliver for you.

We are all on a journey to deliver consistently perfect work. To make this possible, you and the prospective artist should have a conversation about realistic expectations. So when you’re looking to have an artist design permanent makeup on your face, you should look at their healed results so you can discuss what you’ll actually be living with, not just what you will see on the day of service. This allows you to hold one another accountable.

Excellent permanent makeup enhances your beauty effortlessly. If that’s what you’re looking for, make sure to do your due diligence because the permanent makeup is going to stay on when you wash your face, swim, go to the spa, and when you travel. Quality permanent makeup is going to consistently look revived, refreshed, and keep you happy.

If you have a great eyebrow or eyeliner to frame your eyes, or a beautiful blushed lip, you’ll enjoy that money well spent for years to come. Please make sure to keep in mind what healed results you’re looking for and have that discussion with your permanent makeup artist. This advice applies to any beauty service provider. Once you find a great artist in one area, they will likely understand your vision and point you in the right direction for other beauty services you may wish to explore. Enjoy the journey, and most importantly, enjoy some fabulous permanent makeup because we all benefit tremendously.

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